New Boxes



A few images of new boxes. I love making boxes. So many variations can be made off of one basic form. Always an evolving form and they are all different


Home Holiday Sale

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3 Annual Home Holiday Sale  taking place this weekend. Stop by with a chance to win this handled bowl. Sat the 8th 3-7pm and Sunday the 9th 10am-4pm.

434 E Maple St

River Falls, WI 54022


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People always tell me they have no more room for pots. I don’t have space in my cupboards for more pots, but that does not stop me from collecting pieces I love. This is one of three basement storage shelves. All the pots that do not fit in my cupboards get stored on these shelves and several times each year I rotate out pots. The large Warren Bowl was dropped by a friend resulting a huge crack. Sad day that was…Plate next to it is a Sandy Simon, Bob Brady collaboration they donated to the Anderson Ranch Auction maybe 10 years ago.

Pushing Plates

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Working on dinner and side plate sets for an order. 8 of each are requested. I made 13 each. Hopefully I will end up with 8 good ones.

Keeping Me Busy

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Started this blog long ago but distractions have kept me from keeping up.

June 5 months

Illa is 4 years old and June is 4 months old in this Christmas photo.

Clover Field

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Each Spring or early summer the University of Wisconsin-River Falls anagama is fired by 15-20 workshop participants. Last week was the kiln unloading and below you can see three of my clover dishes. The kiln heald 956 pots and we fired for six days.

Here we GO!

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June 10, 2011, Joe Singewald begins his blog. Sure this isn’t comparable to the invention of the wheel, but it is a big deal.  My goal is to entertain and inform.


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